Partnership with Recode Distribution

Recode Distribution is working since 2016. We are a Distributor of Video game Consoles and accessories, Video Games, physical and digital, Gaming and Entertainment gift cards, top-ups, and subscriptions. Our primary target is the development of the video games market in the Baltic States, but we successfully cooperate with our wholesale partners from the USA, UK, Spain, and Poland, selling and buying from them. Recode Distribution is a supplier for sub-distributors, stores networks in the Baltic States, independent retailers, and online retailers from all over the world.

Besides, Recode Distribution works closely with independent developers of video games. We represent their games on different platforms, making marketing and selling as wholesalers and retailers.

We are always open for new opportunities and cooperation, and we are waiting for companies, retailers, and developers to join our distribution network, and develop video games market together.


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